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September 2016 – Present

“Conceptual design, detailed design, support in the creation of regulations, and support in the implementation of Paraguay’s National Ticketing System, as well as provider certification and secure access module (SAM) issuance for this system”


Diciembre 2021 – julio 2022

“Conceptual design, detailed design and support to update the regulations for Paraguay’s National Ticketing System to include intermunicipal public transport services”


September 2016 – Present

Clients: Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), Mota Engil Ingenieria y Construccion S.A.Engineering and Construction, Ministry of Public Works and Communications

Beneficiary: Ministry of Public Works and Communications


The Paraguayan government sought to implement an automated fare collection (AFC) system for public transport services with nationwide interoperability, that is, such that a passenger could use a single fare medium on all public transport services in the country. The IADB hired GSD+ to support the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) in achieving this goal. Per this contract and subsequent ones for the IADB and other clients, GSD+ worked with the MOPC on the design, regulation and implementation of a multi-operator AFC system. This involved developing an interoperability standard that includes institutional, commercial and technical specifications, which was made enforceable through a regulatory decree. The system is card-based. It was implemented by certified AFC service providers who issue the smart cards, run sales and top-up networks, and provide on-board validators to bus operators.


GSD+ designed and developed a transaction clearing house for the AFC system, which is currently run by the MOPC’s Vice Ministry of Transport. In addition, GSD+ serves as issuer of secure access modules (SAMs) for the system and performs certification of AFC service providers on behalf of the Vice Ministry of Transport.


Paraguay’s interoperable AFC system has been implemented on the entire fleet of 2,100 buses in Asuncion, which has a daily ridership of 620,000 in 2022. Since February 2021 all public transport payment transactions in Asuncion are electronic, given that cash payments are no longer accepted. The system is expected to be extended to other urban areas in the future.


More information on this project can be found in the following IADB publication (in Spanish):

December 2021 – July 2022

Client: National Transport Directorate (DINATRAN)

Beneficiary: National Transport Directorate (DINATRAN)

GSD+ extended the design of Paraguay’s interoperable AFC system to support intercity transport services and updated the AFC system regulations accordingly. The AFC system is expected to be implemented on 1,800 buses used for intercity transport services throughout the country.

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